Backlight Bleed Test | Check & Fix Backlight Bleeding Display

Take the backlight bleed test to see if your display has backlight bleeding problem. This test works for all monitor types (LCD, IPS, etc). It also works for the mobile screen as well.

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What is Backlight Bleed Test?

Backlight bleed test is a simple way to test your display for backlight bleeding. If you are seeing uneven brightness on your display at the edges or corners, there are chances your display is bleeding backlight. To confirm the same, you can take the test and find out.

You can also use this test to check for other display issues like IPS glow and screen clouding etc.

How to test backlight bleed?

The easiest way to check backlight bleed is using a black screen background. Follow the steps below to test the backlight bleed on any device.

  1. Open on the device you want to test backlight bleeding.
  2. Click on the Tools from the top menu and click the Backlight Bleed Test from the dropdown
  3. Now, click the big black box on the webpage that opens.
  4. After clicking, your display will switch to a full black screen.
  5. Look for any abrupt bright spots on display, especially near the corner and edges.
  6. Check if your screen has any brighter spots near the corners or edges. For better results, you must turn off other lights in your surroundings.
  7. If there are noticeable bright spots, your screen has a backlight bleed. Otherwise, your display is fine.

FAQs about Backlight Bleed Test

What causes Backlight bleeding?

Backlight bleeding arises due to misalignment of layers superimposed on each other when an IPS Panel is built. These layers apply unnecessary pressure on the liquid crystals that make the backlight leaking through the display.

How to fix Backlight bleeding display?

There is no way to fix a backlight bleeding display

Is Backlight Bleed a problem?

Excessive backlight bleeding starts creating problems with the brightness and ruins the viewing experience. Most IPS panel LCD displays are prone to this problem and require changing the display after an extent. 

Does backlight bleed go away over time?

No, the backlight bleed does not go away on its own. It is a permanent issue and more likely to stay as it is unless you replace your monitor.