Dead Pixel Test | Quickly find Dead Pixels on Your Display

Take the dead pixel test to detect any dead pixels on any display - laptop, computer, or mobile phone. Quickly test stuck pixels and learn easy tips to fix them.

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What is the Dead Pixel Test?

The Dead Pixel test is a simple way to detect dead or stuck pixels on any display. As the pixels consist of RGB colors, the test consists of checking displays with Red, Green, Blue, White, and Black colors to identify if any pixel does not light up or gets stuck on one particular color.

How to test dead pixels on your display?

Follow the steps below to check for dead pixels on any device.

  1. Open on the device you want to test dead pixel.
  2. Click on Tools from the top menu and then click Dead Pixel Test.
  3. Now, click the RGB-colored box on the webpage that opens.
  4. After clicking, your display will switch to full-screen mode with a solid color.
  5. Now, change the color by clicking on the screen or hitting the spacebar button.
  6. Check for pixels that do not sync with the color or do not light up at all.
  7. Repeat the steps again for all five colors for complete accuracy.

FAQs about Dead Pixel Test

How do you know if a pixel is a stuck or a dead pixel?

A dead pixel and a stuck pixel are two different types of display issues. Dead pixels are those that do not light up at all while the stuck pixels light up with one color even when the color on the display changes. You can fix stuck pixels in some cases but dead pixels cannot be fixed generally.

Can you actually fix dead pixels?

This test can help you detect dead pixels but you cannot fix dead pixels because it is a complex hardware issue. In some cases, it is found that applying gentle pressure on and around dead pixel sometimes make it work again.

How many dead pixels are okay?

For a new display, there should be no dead pixels. But, manufacturers set the limit at 4 dead pixels in 1 million pixels on your screen. This limit can be different for different display manufacturers.

Do dead pixels go away?

No, there is no way to make dead pixels go away. It is a permanent hardware problem and does not go away automatically.